Granite Worktops

Why Granite Worktops?

There are many reason why Granite is the right material for your Kitchen Worktops. Its advantageous over most other materials are numerous and include:
  • Unique, beautiful patterning - the result of natural processes.
  • Highly resiliant to damage including staining and scratching.
  • Super easy to clean and maintain.
  • Highly resiliant to heat.
  • Features such as drainer groves can be cut directly into the material.
  • Bespoke: made to your exact requirements.
  • More affordable than you might think!

Popular Granites

Our full range of granites can be viewed here

Quartz: The New Granite?

We now have a number of Quartz materials available for worktops. Quartz is a suitable alternative to granite.

For details on our range of quartz materials please contact us.

Free Quotation

For a free, no obligation quotation or to enquire further about our granite worktops please contact us on:
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Installation of Worktops

All our Granite Worktop Installation is carried out by experienced stonemasons.  You can be assured that when you have your worktops installed by Simon Ormsby Stonemasonry the work will be carried out by fully trained stonemasons who are experienced at handling and fitting these impressive surfaces and who have the correct tools and materials to ensure the best possible finish.

Supply Only

We are happy to simply supply the granite without installation although we strongly recommend that all granite work surfaces are fitted by genuine stonemasons or at lest experienced fitters who should have the ability to prevent and work around unforseen issues during the installation process.

Alteration, Replacement and Repair

If you already have the granite but require it to be cut, polished or modified to make worktops (or something similar) we can certainly help. As well as carrying out the work you require to your granite we can also collect and deliver if required.

So Why Use Simon Ormsby Stonemasonry?

  • Real Stone Masons who really understand the material they are working with;
  • Top of the range equipment
  • Very Experienced, worktop manufactures and fitters
  • Practical Experience of problem solving with fitting in Kitchens
  • Identify issues before they arise
  • Free Quotation

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